A puppy is an investment of time, money, and love. Shefaro Borzoi are considered members of my family and I expect that a Shefaro Borzoi puppy will be treated as a member of your family as well.
Temperament, health, quality guaranteed. Years of careful breeding for
sound temperament and correct conformation equal stability, adaptability, intelligence and beauty. Shefaro Borzoi excel in the show, obedience, agility, rally rings and on the couch.  They are also wonderful service and therapy dogs.  Companion homes preferred although performance homes MAY be considered.  Sold without registration, breeding or resale rights to protect the integrity of my breeding program and the superior quality at Shefaro.    Application, Vet reference and contract required. Shipping is available from San Antonio, Texas.   Microchipped, shots, wormed, on heartworm prevention.  A Vet exam and health certificate are required for shipping.   Shefaro has top show quality puppies available to companion homes.   Please browse through my webpage and enjoy the quality and superiority of Shefaro Borzoi.   My puppies are raised in a community atmosphere on my ranchito in San Antonio, Texas. They are not kenneled and they are free to be farm dogs first meaning they live a free and happy life. They are trained with love, not shock collars. They easily adapt to other lifestyles because of the stability of temperament I have bred for years.   European based bloodlines as well as careful and intelligent choices of sire and dam have insured the continuation of that stable temperament and integrity of my breeding program. My dogs are not at public stud and I don't sell for breeding or resale. I sell without registration as well, as I have no interest in selling to show or breeding homes.  I do not care if Shefaro is ever anyone's foundation.  When owners want another Shefaro Borzoi, they come back to Shefaro.  This is where Shefaro Borzoi are cloned.   Companion homes do not "need" registration nor do service and therapy homes. NO DOG "NEEDS" TO BE SHOWN.  NO DOG "NEEDS" TO BE BRED.  I am a breeder who values temperament first and breeds for overall quality.  Temperament is everything and Shefaro Borzoi character is perfect. They live in harmony with children, dogs, cats, goats, horses, birds, etc. Shefaro Borzoi intelligence goes with their beauty as you will see on my web page. Look under "special dogs" and you will see why I prefer companion homes. Shefaro Borzoi are not pet quality, not bred as pets, but companion homes are given preference.   Please click on my service and therapy page and you'll understand why.   AKC Limited Registration registration MAY be available for performance events as well as an AKC ILP number.   However, I try to limit even that.  I prefer that you buy your Shefaro Borzoi as a companion to grace your home and sleep in your bed and on your couch!  I breed for show/performance kids for myself and wonderful companions to share with others.   My Borzoi  are my companions first and everything else after.   Their happiness is my primary concern and my responsibility.  From whelping box, to the pasture, to TV on the couch, Shefaro Borzoi are raised in happy and clean conditions, parasite free, without a care in the world.  Because of stability of temperament, at any age, Shefaro Borzoi go from my home to yours as if they had always lived with you. My web page is a tribute to Shefaro Borzoi. Please enjoy and email if you have any questions. Testimonials speak for themselves. If you don't have the privilege of visiting Shefaro to pick up your pup, shipping is available.
PLEASE call (210) 626-3156 or email for an Application.   No request for a Shefaro Borzoi adult, youngster or puppy will be considered without a completed application!