WORLD, International, American, Mexican, Costa Rican, Grand Champion of Costa Rica
 and Latin American Champion Shefaro's Alejandra
Alejandra is pictured at 9 months of age after winning the World Dog Show Championship (from the Puppy class) in Mexico City, June 2-7, 1999. She is the daughter of World Champion, Shosta, bred to Sable, and a granddaughter of Reyna and Eagle, she also won the Puppy Sighthound Group each day. On Sunday, when the World championship was offered to the Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex winners, Alejandra won the BOS from the puppy class and became the over all World Champion female Borzoi, 1999.
BELOW: Alejandra is pictured relaxing at the hotel among her many Puppy Hound Group First trophies.

Alejandra is pictured  Nov. 1999 at 14 months of age winning her first 4-point major from Ms. Bessie Pickens, from bred-by, at her first AKC show. She repeated the performance on Jan. 28, 2000, a 4-point major from bred by, at the Abilene Kennel Club BCOA supported entry show. Judge Michelle Billings. She won a 3-point major under Judge Skip Herendeen at Victora, another 3-point major under Judge Barbara Alderman on March 9, 2000, and her finishing 5-point major under Judge Michele Billings with a Best of Breed over top ten champions on March 10, 2000 at the Alamo Cluster of Dog Shows in San Antonio.

As her breeder, owner and handler, I am extremely proud of Alejandra's rapid finish with 5 majors. She was finished exclusively from the bred by exhibitor class and shown in a total of ten shows, which included 3 majors reserves.

Alejandra's finishing 5-point Best of Breed major March 10, 2000.
Alejandra's American Championship Certificate.

Alejandra has been shown in Costa Rica and Mexico by her International handler, MVZ Guillermo Cavazos de las Fuentes of Mexico.
Alejandra became a mother on July 21, 2000.  Sired by Ch. Darnilo.
Alejandra in flowers, Spring 2002 at Shefaro
Alejandra - May 24, 2002
Alejandra enjoying a beautiful day - September 5, 2002
In Summer coat!
November 2002 at Waco, Texas
Free stacked December 4, 2002
Alejandra carries a very full body coat as does daughter, Carole.
Alejandra is a mother.   Pups were born March 9, 2003.   Sire is Shefaro Amadeo's Rodrigo.   There are three boys and four girls.
March 21, 2003.  The girls.
March 21, 2003.  The boys.
Lorelei - Amanda Gibney
Leona - girl.   Oso Panda boy.
Ritzy - Carla Faught
Oso Panda.
Pups March 20, 2003
Guerrero June 14, 2003
June 14, 2003  Oso Panda
June 14, 2003  Leona
October 3, 2003
New friend, Dianne Marshall, came to visit from Illinois.   November 21, 2003.  
August 8, 2004  Alejandra and Vida.
Alejandra and Chicki - sisters, November 12, 2004
Alejandra's a mom!   Sired by Cesario, the pups were born February 15, 2005.  There is a potential brace of boys.   
March 5, 2005
Brace boy!
Alejandra's kids Freckles and Lucy September 12, 2005
Alejandra - what a beautiful face.  She was an amazing show champion, but her best work was in the whelping box.  She loves being a mom.
What a wonderful mother  May 5, 2006
Alejandra is not only a great girl herself, but she is a great producer.
Pictured are her son, Blanco, and daughter, Lorelei both winning four point majors on March 11, 2007