UKC Champion Shefaro Vida's Victoria
finished September 2006
Vida x Rodrigo   
A new litter was born at Shefaro April 23, 2004.   Dam is Shefaro's Mi Vida Loca (sired by home bred Ch. Shefaro's Chita Enrique).  Sire is Ch. Shefaro's Rodrigo (sired by my Danish import, Ch. Lhaghana Darnilo of Zarina).  
Vida is enjoying the afternoon in Shefaro Park.
May 20, 2004
May 21, 2004
June 19, 2004
August 1, 2004

Dad, Rodrigo (puppy picture) - daughter Victoria
October 21, 2004
Victoria and Buddy.
March 5, 2005
March 20, 2005
May 15, 2005
May 21, 2005 - wet from the stock tank.
June 10, 2005 Victoria and Cisne
August 5, 2005
September 20, 2005 (Grandsire Darnilo to her right)
Victoria and Cesario September 20, 2005
April 2006 Victoria front, Mirabella peeking from behind.
Victoria got the frisbee.
Victoria is extremely athletic.  Here she is enjoying the view from the top of a round bale of hay.  July 9, 2006
With Mirabella and Lorelei.
in Shefaro Park
October 13, 2006
Victoria and Vanessa
Victoria is very athletic.  Here she is atop a round bale.
She covers ground beautifully
Victoria spent some time in the whelping box producing a wonderful litter.  Click on the link to see the Victoria x Rodrigo puppies.
Now she's back in the pasture enjoying life with her friends. March 25, 2007
April 1, 2007 Victoria and Katy in Shefaro Park
September 20, 2007
November 5, 2007 with Grandsire Darnilo in Shefaro Park
Pictured with Grandsire Darnilo and Sire Rodrigo
Beautiful girl.
Victoria's a mom - click on picture
April 3, 2008  with Saluki friend, Alegria, in Shefaro Park