Shefaro Sighthounds
Please enjoy a visit to Tom's Visit to see what it's like when someone comes to Shefaro to be chosen by a Shefaro sighthound.   Many of my owners are repeat owners having more than one Shefaro Borzoi, Saluki or Greyhound.    Shefaro started many years ago with the idea that no dog needs to be shown and no dog needs to be bred, but all dogs need a happy and forever home. To that end, I have chosen to sell my dogs (although bred for correct conformation/show quality) without registration, resale or breeding rights.  The American Kennel Club does not require any dog to be sold with registration.  It is at the discretion of the breeder and in agreement with the owner.  I have made exceptions to exceptional people, but, while they may compete in performance events with their Shefaro sighthounds, breeding and showing are not for everyone.  I prefer that Shefaro sighthounds are either grand companions or compete in performance events, lure coursing, agility, obedience, etc.  or work in service and therapy.  Please click Shefaro Service and Therapy to see what I mean.   Please enjoy a visit to and come back often for updates.

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