Highlights1 2010
Click the picture to enjoy a visit to Shefaro Borzoi and Boer Goats, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Salukis, sheep, goats and working livestock guard dogs: Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherds.  Visit SHEFARO LGD to see sheep, goats and working livestock guard dogs at Shefaro.
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Shefaro makes a statement!
February 2010 finds Shefaro Borzoi Winslow and Zoe knocking down agility titles with perfect scores.
What a weekend! March 20-21-2010
Way to go Caribe.  Caribe came to Shefaro as a puppy and was raised here and shown IABCA and AKC while at Shefaro. Click the picture to see him grow up at Shefaro and turn into a beautiful adult Ibizan Hound and take a five point major at the prestigious Louisville KC (Beezerfest) March 21, 2010.  Thank you Kent Delaney for recognizing this handsome boy.  I am so proud of Caribe.  He left Shefaro with his International title and several AKC points.  Click the picture to visit Caribe's webpage at Shefaro.
Peter and Althea's Shefaro Borzoi Luna, painted by Althea
April 2, 2010
There is no place prettier than fields of Texas Bluebonnets in the Springtime.

Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoption in the news!  April 15, 2010

Burt Ward's Gentle Giants Rescue
Updated: Thursday, 15 Apr 2010, 11:39 PM PDT
Published : Thursday, 15 Apr 2010, 10:32 PM PDT
Gigi Graciette
Los Angeles - As Robin in the TV series Batman, Burt Ward's mission was to fight crime and injustice. Today, he's on a different mission... rescuing and adopting homeless animals, big and small.
Watch Gigi Graciette's video report in the media player.

For information about Ward's Gentle Giants Rescue and dog food, check out gentlegiantsrescue.com .

Shefaro Greyhound KB's Einstein, SC wins another Best in Field at Cleburne, TX April 18, 2010 and a five point major toward his Field Championship

Honey Bun and Idol.   Idol won BOB for his third major.

April has been a great month at Shefaro.  Not only have Shefaro sighthounds been succeeding in various venues, but so many lovely owners have shared their Shefaro kids with me in pictures and emails.   I am delighted to share them here.  

Shefaro Saluki Edytah Daigle and her friends, Meka and JC in Texas
Shefaro Borzoi Katya and her lovely mom, Ariadne in Minnesota
Shefaro Borzoi Rodrigo and his mom, Hillary, Montana
Shefaro Greyhound Claudia's Avalancha
Claudia and Avalancha playing show dog.  What a beautiful pair.
April 24, 2010 Beeville KC Fun Match BOB and Group 2
Beautiful Veni left home today with her new Mom, Sandra
May 3, 2010 meet the new buck at Shefaro
In addition to the beautiful white Pygmy buck, meet the new ram at Shefaro.
Eagle and I went for a training ride and stopped in a lovely grassy area for a break.
and Kristen's Eagle before leaving for his new home in New Hampshire
Shefaro Borzoi Tori is the center of attention at her kids' school...
when she comes to take her children home safely every day.
May 5, 2010 Dale and Sandra's Shefaro Saluki Veni and her ice cube game
May 8, 2010 the lovely Shefaro Borzoi Jada
May 9, 2010 Veni's brother Eagle with his new mom Kristen
May 13, 2010 Shefaro Ibizan Hound Idol squirrel hunting in Shefaro Park (see the squirrel in the tree in the second picture)
May 13, 2010 Roger's Shefaro Livestock Guard Dog, Jenny enjoying the couch
Meet the new kid at Shefaro - a baby miniature goat girl was born May 19, 2010
May 29, 2010 fun with friends
Joey and Peggy came to visit with Edy, pictured with Fenix and Francisco
What a difference rain makes.  The first picture is April, followed by May after some May showers and rain storms.
April 3, 2010 Lure coursing with friends at Shefaro
What a difference rain makes to the pasture.   June 4, 2010
June 5, 2010 Working Livestock Guard Dog Bell goes out to Shefaro park with her herd.   
June 10, 2010 Shefaro Borzoi Mariska Mia at the Eiffel Tower
June 12, 2010 Shefaro pasture and goats
The very handsome Shefaro Saluki, Fenix, at the River City Cluster of Dog Shows watching a sparrow in the rafters  getting a taste of things to come for him. June 19, 2010
Fenix's brother Acail at Father's Day Celebration
River City Cluster of Dog Shows June 2010 - UKC Ch. Shefaro Lorelei's Chico Blanco, JC wins Winners dog for two points.   At home, he's "just a farm dog" running in the pasture with his friends.
Shefaro Borzoi Chico Blanco's uncle Freckles, Debbi's boy June 22, 2010
July 4, 2010 Shefaro Borzoi Karin's Valentin and Kiska in the Half Moon Bay Fourth of July parade
Shefaro Borzoi Stoli's out seeing the countryside with mom and dad, Buffy and Greg, in their motor home.  He likes it in the driver's seat!  July 7, 2010
Shefaro Saluki, Alex's girl Yasmin in Portugal
Happy Birthday to Shefaro Great Pyrenees Kathy's girl Gypsy - born July 7, 2009
Meet the new kid at Shefaro  July 11, 2010
Meet the new kids at Shefaro - nanny and triplet babies July 12, 2010
July 2010
Sasha enjoys her couch in Canada
Silver helps Tom driving from Mass. to Texas.
Zar and Zeta in Spain
July 18, 2010 lure coursing practice
Lauren - like mother...
Like daughter - Edy
July 23-24, 2010 Reliant Park Dog Shows, Shefaro Saluki Francisco wins Winners Dog for 2 points July 23 and RWD on July 24.   He is a UKC champion and this is his first AKC show.  Looking forward to more shows and to lure coursing this wonderful boy.  Thanks to friend Anne for showing him so well.  click the picture for his page
July 31, 2010 lure coursing with friends at Shefaro
August 4, 2010 the Daigle's kids - Shefaro Saluki Edy, Afghans Meka and JC
August 10, 2010 Zoe
Augusts 14, 2010 Joey and Peggy's Edy is absolutely gorgeous!
Edy's cousin, Yasmin, is showing and winning in Portugal in Junior Female. She will move up when she turns 15 months to compete for the National and International titles.  She is a litter sister to Francisco and Anillo.
August 27, 2010 Bubba's boy Travis
Shefaro Borzoi Stoli at Arches Canyon, Utah, enjoying RV traveling August 2010
The beautiful Shefaro Saluki Zarah
Great Pyrenees Sasha on vacation with her family at Chesapeake Bay
September 5, 2010 Anillo
Anillo's handsome brother, Francisco, loves to have fun.
September 18, 2010, Edy makes her lure coursing debut at Florence, TX.  It was a practice on a trial size course.   Edy will be lure coursing after her first birthday November 25, 1010
I went today to a friend's ranch to see his working livestock guard dog pups.  They are raised with goats, cattle and horses.  Born September 1, 2010, five girls are available.  Please email for more information  shefaro@peoplepc.com
October 2, 2010 Ibizan Hound Shefaro Lily's Matinee Idol at Florence, TX
October 3, 2010 - a successful and fun lure coursing weekend.   Edy's daddy, Joey, is pictured with new Junior Coursers, Shefaro Saluki Francisco and Greyhound Carrie who also got her QC and will be running in open for her SC.
Here's Joey out with Edy who ran a full course.  We look forward to her turning a year and going for her Junior Courser title.
Meet the new kid at Shefaro - newborn baby doe - October 3, 2010
October 5, 2010 Chico Blanco at Shefaro for showing for his new owner, Dr. Gregory Gomori.   Sister Gitana is here for the same.
October 14, 2010, Edy is visiting at Shefaro for show training.  Her is Joey and Peggy's beautiful girl at the picnic area where we practice patterns.
Buffy and Greg are traveling the country.  Their Shefaro Borzoi Stoli stands in front of Greg in front of the teepee.  Stoli loves the camera.  The other Borzoi is their veteran girl, Kira.  October 15, 2010
Happy Halloween from the Shefaro Borzoi biker boys, Ano and Zorro.
Shefaro temperament means everything SHEFARO SERVICE AND THERAPY
Shefaro Saluki Acail and his buddy TidBit
In my email box - Mexican Ch. Shefaro Lorelei's Lorenzo
Rumors and Bull at Daysha's - Happy kids!  November 2, 2010
Travis's playground
November 7, 2010 lure coursing at Cat Spring, TX
Carrie QC'd and ran well, but Idol took top honors - Best in Field to finish his F.Ch.
Shefaro's first homebred Ibizan Hound Field Champion, UKC Ch. Shefaro Lily's Matinee Idol, SC, finished with a Best in Field for a 4-point major (his third major).   Edy's Dad, Joey, slipped Idol for his Best in Field win.
While Idol was winning in Texas, Rhian's Shefaro bred Greyhound was racking up points at Open Field Live Coursing in California.  The record does not yet reflect his current points, but he is well on his way to his championship.
November 12, 2010 Galveston Bay Saluki Club Specialty show, Shefaro Saluki boy Francisco wins first place in 12-18 junior dogs.
November 16, 2010 a visit to the San Antonio Zoo.
November 27, 2010 - in the mail today.
Field Champion and UKC Ch. Shefaro Lily's Matinee Idol, SC
December 10, 2010 Bubba's son Travis  at home in California - what a playground!
Shefaro Saluki Acail's Family Christmas Story - click the picture
December 18-19, 2010 lure coursing at Waller, TX  Carrie wins BOB, Nevada JC and QCs, Bambi JC and QCs.   Looking forward to Bests in Field with Carrie in future lure courses.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

Shefaro Borzoi Boris and Sergei "The Nichols Boiz!"

We wish you Peace and prosperity and Happy Holidays From Chapman Gallery - Shefaro's "Marisa builds a snow dog" by Gail Reeves
December 25, 2010 - Merry Christmas with puppy dog kisses
  Livestock Guard Dogs, Lily and Pearl, guard Shauney's Alpaca in Montana.
From: Shauney's Montana Wool Babies
To: shefaro <shefaro@peoplepc.com>
Subject: Fw: Pearl and Lily
Date: Dec 25, 2010 12:02 PM
Here is another pic! This is their daily run-about. When they first arrived here i would take them for a walk around the perimeter of the property twice a day! Now when i let them out they run that same perimeter! WOW amazing!!! Pearl still plays the "coy" game but i can see her smiling at the same time!!! I love them both and they have done a good job! We had 2 grizzlies show up this last fall but they didnt stick around very long as the dogs went balistic!!! Yea!!!! Anyway hope your holidays are wonderful!!

Merry Christmas from Keeva and her girls, Courtney, Kylee and Mallory.
Keeva's sister, Sammie, with her girl, Moxie, in Wyoming
Meet the new kid at Shefaro - Pygmy baby girl
Honore today as beautiful as ever December 27, 2010 click the picture for her webpage
Meet the new kids at Shefaro - twin Pygmy girls born December 27, 2010

December 29, 2010 Shefaro's Yasmin al Din showing in Portugal with her owner, Alexandra.  Yasmin in Exposição Nacional de Santarem stay at first in the race :) The judge love her.
Kisses to all from Yasmin. Alexandra
Travis and family January 2011
Shefaro Livestock Guard Dogs - Great Pyrenees - Tilly and Sweetie Pie - with their three day old calf, Bell, in Montana at the Frey Ranch.
Shefaro is a non-commercial working small livestock ranch in Bexar County, Texas.  Our primary goal is to offer sheep and goats for pets and agricultural exemptions, working livestock guardian dogs to guard herds and flocks on farms and ranches, strictly for agricultural purposes.  Our secondary goal is  top performance sighthounds for field trials and performance events.