Special Dogs M
This "Special Dogs" section developed out of great disappointment in many show homes and show dog owners.  As a result, I have chosen to place my "show quality" kids in companion only homes.   If I feel a Shefaro Borzoi must enter the show ring, I will keep him/her at Shefaro.   Here are some very special Shefaro Borzoi who may  never see the inside of a show ring, but they are/were  champions in their hearts, my heart, and in the hearts of the families who are/were blessed to share their lives with them.  I am very proud of the Shefaro kids on these pages.   Not everyone buys a Shefaro Borzoi to show and I have changed my policy of selling to show homes.  In fact, I will opt for a companion, therapy, service dog home over a show home any time.  My interest is in seeing Shefaro Borzoi in wonderful loving and caring homes where owners adore their Shefaro Borzoi for what they are - elegant, aristocratic, people pleasing and a joy with which to live.   The Borzoi on these pages may or may not have been show prospects, but all are wonderful companions and friends to their families.    And that is, after all, what really matters.
In addition to Borzoi, there are Special Dogs that live at Shefaro or have made their mark on Shefaro (in alphabetical order) Anatolian Shepherds, Anatolian x Pyrenees Livestock Guard Dogs, Border Collie, Chinese Crested,  Great Pyrenees.   They too deserve to be listed as the Special Dogs they are.

I have discontinued updating these Special dogs pages and have opted to have individual pages.  Please enjoy a visit to Shefaro.org which links to Shefaro.com.

There is another group of very special dogs in my life now which can be seen at Bexata Animal Sanctuary, Inc.  They are Greyhounds that are looking for forever homes of their own.