KB's Einstein, SC
Einstein finished his Senior Courser title at Chickasha, Oklahoma, November 15, 2008.  He won his third leg with a Best in Field October 18, 2008 AAWC AKC lure trial at Hutto, TX which also gave him his first 5-point major toward his Field Championship
This handsome young Greyhound, born December 14, 2006, came to Shefaro on February 17, 2008.  What a thrill it was to visit a real racing Greyhound farm where these wonderful dogs live and sprint in fields with FOUR FOOT chain link fencing!   
Lola thinks her new friend is something special.
This is a joy to watch.
Perfect bite, complete dentition, beautiful pigment, lovely temperament
Breaking into a gallop, Einstein has a great zest for life.
I threw a ball and he went after it.
February 19, 2008
Forget the ball throwing.  It was time to get out the fishing pole! I couldn't reel fast enough.  Einstein caught the lure and was proudly trotting around with it.
Lola wanted it too.
Einstein got it.
and wouldn't let go.
Just beautiful
Racing through Shefaro Park
He is as sweet as he is handsome.
He is sound coming and going.
February 27, 2008
March 1, 2008 Einstein and Lola Rouge
He's watching the lure
Handsome boy
March 2, 2008 Lola and Einstein
March 10, 2008
March 13, 2008 went to Stephanie's and played show dog with Einstein.  He is a natural.   It got a little warm, so we quit, but look at this boy's conformation!
Checking things out.  Einstein is a very happy and adaptable boy.
March 18, 2008 in Shefaro Park
Einstein plays tug of war with Ibizan Hound buddy, Caribe
Einstein and Saluki friend, Hana
Einstein and Alegria in the background
He plays well.
He loves to chase the lure when I throw it out with my fishing pole and reel in as fast as I can.   He's a natural and easily finished his Junior Courser (pictured)  and the first leg of his SC April 12-13, 2008 at Cleburne, TX
He got his JC and onto his SC.
Running for his Senior Courser.
Handsome guy
April 30, 2008 coming in from Shefaro Park
May 6, 2008
In the mail May 10, 2008 - Einstein JC
July 24, 2008
July 29, 2008 in Shefaro Park
Lure coursing with Einstein. Best in Field his fifth lure course ever.
Resting at home. October 21, 2008
Enjoying a romp in Shefaro pasture  October 26, 2008
November 2, 2008
Greyhound Joy of Life - Einstein and Lola in Shefaro pasture.
December 15, 2008 enjoying a run in Shefaro pasture
Einstein and Sunny
Another Best in Field for Einstein - that's my boy!!!! May 2010