Peruvian Champion  Shefaro's Ace de Espadas
A Reyna grandson, Ace was whelped 9/30/97.  He is a litter brother of American and Canadian Champion Shefaro's Treasure of Sinbad.

Ace at Shefaro - 8 weeks of age.

Ace at Shefaro - 6 months of age

Ace and me prior to his leaving for S. America

Ace winning his Peruvian and S. American Championships at almost 2 years of age
Ace's sire as a young dog  and as a veteran.
Ace's Grandsire

Ace nieces/nephews          Ace's Grandnieces/Grandnephews
not bred at Shefaro             bred at Shefaro dam is Ace's niece.
dam is Ace's sister