Mexican Champion Shefaro's Honore
Eduardo Lezama Hernandez

  Born April 30, 2002, this litter sired by Zchatsaj's Shefaro Guillermo out of Shefaro Marino's Princesa, consists of three blondes, five redheads, four boys, four girls.   
Pictured May 7, 2002
May 13, 2002
May 17, 2002 with mother
Honore, Maddy, Santiago May 25, 2002

Clockwise  - Sasha, Honore, Diva, Henry, Maddy  June 28, 2002
Left to Right  - Diva, Honore, Santiago, Henry
Honore's a Champion December 3, 2003
December 2003 competing at the Internationals in Mexico City.