Shefaro Alegria's Francisco Santiago
UKC Ch. "Francisco"

Francisco is sired by Sunny, out of Alegria, born June 20, 2009.
Click the link to see the puppy page Alegria x Sunny

Beautiful mom, Alegria, with Heather
Ali is one happy girl.  Look at her smile!
Alegria's kids pictured February 16, 2010 in Shefaro Park
New UKC Champion, Shefaro Alegria's Francisco Santiago

February 27-28, 2010 the kids had their first dog show outing and did beautifully.   Francisco finished his UKC Championship with a group 2 and group 3.  Sister Anillo got her first competition win.  The kids are a wonderful testament to Shefaro Temperament.
lovely down and back

April 24, 2010 at the fun match in Beeville  BOB and Group 2

Francisco - what a face.
Not just another pretty face, Francisco is also into lure coursing.  Friends came by for lure coursing practice (click the picture) and Francisco chased the lure.  He's not yet old enough to lure course, but he will be out in the Fall.  
May 29 morning, Francisco is an avid lure courser.

No. 3 UKC as of June 2010 - he has moved on to AKC shows.

Saluki 01. GRCH Windnsatin Dragon's Dream Charles F Peek 4 01. CH Atallah's Last Tango In Paris Judie Treuschel and Pam Mauritho 4 03. CH Shefaroalegriasfrancisco Santiago Sherry Faye Rodarmor 3 04. CH Windnsatin Tidal Wave Charles F Peek 2 04. CH Windstorm Unleashed Spirit Beverly Griffith 2 04. CH Braemoor Thunder Mtn Allthatjazz Sue Hamm and Susan Plaiss 2 04. Tamazar Braemoor Shootnthe Breeze Sue Hamm or Sue Plaiss 2 08. CH Desperdo Pb Lucy At Zrkia Valerie A Bauer 1
08. Shefaro Alegria's Anillo Santiago

Francisco's first AKC points at Reliant Park, Houston, TX, first place 12-18 then winners dog for two points.    This was his first AKC show weekend.   He went RWD Saturday and was not entered Sunday.    Results will be posted here once they are on the super's website.  Here's Anne playing show dog with him when we met for me to pick him up and take him home.  Handsome boy!  Thanks Anne!

Houston Kennel Club Inc.
JUDGE: Mr Kent H Delaney
SALUKIS, Puppy Dogs 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .

TAMRICK THE RIFLEMAN OF SOLARI. HP367673/07. 12/16/2009. BREEDER: Rick Brown Ellie Case James & Lisa Oslund. By DC Solari Talisa Instygator SC SC-DC Tamrick's Heart of Glass SC. OWNER: Garry & Judith A. Newton.
SALUKIS, Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs .

SHEFARO ALEGRIA'S FRANCISCO SANTIAGO. HP356826/01. 06/20/2009. BREEDER: Sherry Faye Rodarmor. By Ch Shefaro's Santiago Karista-Shefaro's Srinagar Alegria JC. OWNER: Sherry Faye Rodarmor.

SHAHTANI RIVER DEEP MOUNTAIN HIGH OF SINASH. HP345752/04. 05/24/2008. BREEDER: Diane Gibbs & Nancy Bodine. By Ch Aurora's Walk This Way-Ch Shahtani Summer Rain. OWNER: Shanis Reynolds.

LADYHAWKS GOLDEN TREASURE ASJADIY. HP347804/05. 06/09/2009. BREEDER: Ladyhawk. By Ch Srinagar's Glory Halelujah Of Ladyhawk-Ch El-Ubaid's Srinagar'sKatoucha. OWNER: Jerrilyn Brutsche.
SALUKIS, American-Bred Dogs .

ZSUMED'S HEREK IBN ASAD. HP251630/08. 12/31/2006. BREEDER: John & Susan Demusz & Samantha Newton. By Ch Sirsha Jp Brilliant Jaynagar-Ch Zsumed's Solari Al Shabah SC. OWNER: Roger & Chachi Ritter & Susan Demusz.
SALUKIS, Open Dogs .

RUWACK HEART'S A FIRE. HP300872/02. 02/14/2008. BREEDER: Sharon T Gause & John K Cohee. By Ch Monab American Idol-Ch Ruwack Natanya. OWNER: Judith L Harris. AGENT: Lawrence W Cornelius, AKC Reg. Handler.
SALUKIS, Puppy Bitches 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos .
HAJJI SAHADI SHAMELESSLY NOTORIOUS. HP366098/06. 10/14/2009. BREEDER: Marinell McCowen & Gerry Thornton. By Ch Z'BEE'S KHANTINENTAL KHANNOR-Ch HAJJI'S PORSCHE JC. OWNER: Connie Stone-Hagne & Gerry Thornton.
SALUKIS, Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .

HIDASAR EILEITHYIA. HP307639/06. 07/12/2008. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Caravan Sardonyx At Hidasar-Hidasar Moonshadow. OWNER: David & Terri Jackson.

REIGNBEAUS BIRD OF A FEATHER. HP317546/04. 05/15/2008. BREEDER: Owner. By Ch Hajji-Reignbeau Int'l Reign JC-Ch Reignbeaus Feather In Hercap JC. OWNER: Cynthia L Najera.

HAJJI'S SECRET OBSESSION. HP366098/05. 10/14/2009. BREEDER: Gerry Thornton & Marinell McCowen. By Ch Ch. Z'Bee's Khantinental Khannor-Ch Ch. Hajji's Porsche JC. OWNER: Gerry Thornton & Marinell McCowen. AGENT: Gerry L Thornton.
SALUKIS, Open Bitches .

REIGNBEAU SAHADI RUFFLE MY FEATHERS. HP317546/02. 05/15/2008. BREEDER: Cynthia L. Najera. By Ch Hajji-ReignBeau Int'l Reign JC-Ch ReignBeaus Feather In HerCap JC. OWNER: Connie Stone-Hagne & Cynthia L. Najera.

KOSHANDA'S ICY FEATHER. HP252284/06. 03/19/2007. BREEDER: Pamela J Arwood & Kay Vickers & Alex Vickers & Cha. By Ch Castlebay Aston Martin-Ch Appalachia's Suraah Masarrah SC. OWNER: Kay Vickers & Charles Vickers & Alex Vickers. AGENT: Gerry L Thornton.
SALUKIS, Best of Breed Competition .

DC SHAHTANI IVORY MOON SC. HP272655/06. / /. Bitch. BREEDER: Nancy Bodine. By Ch El-Rah Wyatt Regency-Ch Shahtani Blonde Ambition. OWNER: Lori May. AGENT: Gerry L Thornton.

CH ISSIBAA'S GOINFORTHEGOLD. HP264699/05. 07/04/2007. Dog. BREEDER: Sharon B & Jim Kinney. By Ch Springmeadow Jack Frost-Ch Issibaa's Crispee Cream. OWNER: Elaine M & Arthur W Yerty & Sharon B Kinney.

CH EL-UBAID'S KHARDOS SRINAGAR. HP130226/04. 04/21/2004. Dog. BREEDER: S R Bruynder. By El-Ubaid's Cheddah-Srinagar Manayu Durga. OWNER: Brenda & Neil G Brody.

CH ZSUMED SOLARI LADY TAYMA SC. HP137667/03. 10/11/2004. Bitch. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Sirsha JP Brilliant Jaynagar-Ch Zsumed Solari Al Shabah SC. OWNER: John & Susan Demusz & G & J & S Newton.

CH ZSUMED SAMEEN IBN SHABAH. HP251630/01. 12/31/2006. Dog. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Sirsha JP Brilliant Jaynagar-Ch Zsumed Solari Al Shabah SC. OWNER: John & Susan Demusz & Samantha Newton.

CH BLUE NILE VANILLA ICE. HP009871/02. 04/07/2002. Dog. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Blue Nile Easy Design-Ch Jataras Whos That Girl. OWNER: Sara Winsted & Michael McMillan.

Handsome boy September 5, 2010
December 20, 2010 Francisco and Fenix