Happy Holidays from Shefaro
Seasons Greetings
Happy Holidays from Sherry Faye Rodarmor aka Grandma Shefaro

It's a holiday tradition to share the things for which we're are happy and thankful. This season I am thankful for the wonderful things in my life. Shefaro started with Borzoi and has subsequently acquired Ibizan Hounds, Salukis and Greyhounds.

You can visit http://sherryrodarmor.com or http://sherryfayerodarmor.com or http://www.shefaro.com to see the world in which Sherry lives with the wonderful creatures with which God has blessed her life.

Shefaro is also blessed with some many wonderful owners who have become friends over the years and have written so many nice things http://www.tripod.shefaro.com/testimonials and shared pictures of their wonderful Shefaro family members. In this holiday season, I want to believe that most people are kind, genuine, helpful human beings, and sincere. There are those who aren't, but If I didn't think so, I'd be much less able to handle the more negative aspects of being successful in a world of dog competitions where jealousy can loom large.

There's another thing I am  especially grateful for this holiday season and that is the many wonderful friends and owners and the four legged creatures that bless our daily lives.

I hope to continue with the same good luck and success in all of our pursuits.

So thank you to all of my owners and friends and kisses to your four legged family and have a very Happy Holiday season.
Shefaro Borzoi and Boer Goats, San Antonio, Texas