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Other Rescue Critters
At Bexata, we rescue a variety of God's creatures.

We also have surveillance cameras so we can monitor the birds at all times.

March 4, 2016
Lucky has a new cage, thanks to Chuck and Chris, Jack's former family.
March 4, 2016, Jack's Dad, Chuck came back out with toys and a no-pluck collar that was specially made for Jack.  Chuck put it on him.  Jack was not happy at first, but now he's adapted.   Lord willing, the collar will help and Jack's feathers will fill in faster.
Jack was not happy with the collar and started biting it and then went after his tail feathers, so off it came.  Jack is Jack!
March 3, 2016 new surrender, African Grey Parrot, Jack
Jack is 11 years old and was raised by a family from 90 days of age.   His family is divorcing and the stress started him plucking.  Additionally, he is a major talker and noisemaker and couldn't stay at his Dad's office, so he was surrendered to Bexata and is a welcome and wonderful addition.  The conversaions between Jack, Judge, Angelo, Mohawk and the sounds of all the other birds as well as wild birds, is just a joy!   Jack came with an amazing cage and tons of toys.   Right now he is freshly plucking and it was out of love for Jack that they gave him up to put him in a different environment where he would be happy.   
Will post pictures as Jack, like Angelo, allow feathers to grow back and stop plucking.  (See Angelo below)

February 24, 2016, "Lucky" came to Bexata after he was found in someone's backyard after a storm.  Lucky is an angel.  He brought some light into an otherwise very sad week for the family that found him who were preparing for a funeral.

As of February 29, he has started to chatter and make sounds.   He is settling in.

Peanuts for everyone!
February 29, 2016, Angelo is showing off his body feathers while waiting for a peanut.
Who but God could create such splendor!
Not to be outdone by Angelo's splendor, Judge wants his peanut, too and shows off his beautiful colors.

February 29, Angelo has completely feather in.  Isn't he gorgeous!
September 17, 2015 Angelo came to live at Bexata.   His former owner passed away and he was living in a home where he just doesn't seem to like kids, so he started plucking.   Now that his life has changed, we're hoping the plucking will stop and he will feather up.   In any case, he is GORGEOUS and very attentive.
Angelo has lots of toys and is making friends with Mohawk and Ziggy.
January 2016, a gal who raised parakeets, decided she wasn't going to continue - too much work when health issues got in the way.
She contacted my rescue and surrendered her birds to Bexata.
I had a giant bird house/flight cage for them and here are a few of them.  They are difficult to photograph because they take flight as soon as I approach.  They are not tame, but they are wonderful to look at and listen to during the day.  
July 14, 2015 - Chirpy the  lovebird was surrendered to Bexata today.

April 15, 2015 - Cornish Game hens surrendered to Bexata.  They were raised as pets, but outgrew their coop.  Once they know where they live, they will also free range like the three hens below.
April 15, 2015 rescue hens free ranging
April 14, 2015 - two hens surrendered to Bexata.  They were raised from chicks in a cage in a house and needed more space. After they are here for a while and know where they live, they will be able to free range.
Five beautiful doves call Bexata home.

Ziggy the African Grey Timneh is another surrender.  His family was getting a divorce and needed to place him.  He is a really funny boy.  He has a high pitched whiste, after which he calls his name ZIGGY!!!!!   I think when he would make his whistle, his former family would say "ZIGGY" as if that might stop him, so he learned to do his whistle and then ZIGGY!!!!!   He also is not tame, but will take a peanut from my hand.

Bonnie and Clyde (named by their previous owners) are two more.
They came to the rescue because they were abandoned by their owner and eventually the female started plucking.
Pictured here they are enjoying their parrot cakes.
July 5, 2014, I call the boy Mohawk because he raises up his head feathers in the center.  
Two parrot cages were donated to the rescue, so Mohawk and Pretty Girl (formerly Bonnie and Clyde) were separated in case it was Mohawk plucking the girl.
They have so much more room now and their own toys and they are enjoying life right next to one another.
July 5, 2014 there's a new kid in town - Judge the Yellow Headed Amazon
He has quite a vocabulary, as does Ziggy.
More Ziggy
July 12, 2014

August 9, 2014, Powers family had to give up their family of Society Finches and brought them to Bexata.   Here are the new finches at the rescue.
They are wonderful and make the sweetest sounds.
Enjoying a bath
Another enjoying treats.
The Society finches make wonderful sounds that caught Judge's attention.
The Society Finches stay together as a family.
Mohawk also thought the new finch sounds were interesting.
Also waiting for a peanut, he raised his top which is why I call him Mohawk.
Ziggy listened intently at the new finch sounds as well.

Through all the excitement, the finch family continued, bathing, eating, watching, and peeping.
Many thanks to the Powers family for this wonderful addition to Bexata.

December 19, 2014 BIDDY, CATALINA, and DELILAH Deming came to Bexata with their chicken condo!   
They free range by day and return to the condo by night.

November 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Captain Mustard (Nigerian Dwarf goat) was adopted by the family that has Mini Pig, Mr. Pickles.