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This is printed with permission of SADAR, but modified for Greyhounds.

People underestimate the time and effort required to make a successful life with a dog or have little understanding of a dog's world. Life for an adorable dog can be dull and frustrating if you aren't committed in trying to understand the world as your dog experiences it. Above all, your dog needs and deserves your empathy. As in any relationship it takes work and can try your patience. There are no guarantees with any dog. Do you have the time and patience to meet your dog's need for exercise, companionship, and healthy growth? Can you let your dog be a dog and not humanize him? How important is your hand made Persian rug, leather sofa, alligator heels, or Nike cross-country shoes? As with children, change takes time. You need to go with the flow. Far too often dogs victims of unrealistic expectations. Your job isn't to train the dog to live like you, but to train yourself to live with the dog! Remember, dogs are not nearly concerned with what you say, but how you make them feel. ... We do some work with our adopters, but we can't do everything.

If you are looking for the perfect dog then our suggestion would be for you to get a stuffed animal.

We have an adoption application that is required to be completed and approved BEFORE anyone meets any of the Greyhounds.  Not all applications are approved.  Not everyone is Greyhound material and we often suggest that you go to a shelter to find a great and worthy dog, make a friend for life, and save a life.